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Mick Jagger on Monty Python reunion: ‘A bunch of wrinkly old men trying to relive their youth’
06:16 am

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Mick Jagger
Monty Python

Never one to shy away from publicity, Mick Jagger sends himself up in this latest plug for Monty Python Live (Mostly), screened during today’s Python press conference.

Jagger, who has been touring with The Rolling Stones, gamely pokes fun at himself and his fellow bandmates as he discusses lighting and set lists for with an assistant:

Monty Python—are they still going? I mean, who wants to see that again really? It was really funny in the sixties… Still, a bunch of wrinkly old men trying to relive their youth and make a load of money, I mean, the best one died years ago!

The Pythons will be performing ten gigs this July at the O2 Arena in London. John Cleese has described the event as being more like a rock show than a piece of theater. The first show sold out in 40 seconds, leading to extra dates being added.


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Black female filmmaker gently goes face-to-face with Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis
12:54 pm

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The Aryans

Mo Asumang, who’s the daughter of a black Ghanaian father and a white German mother, talks to the BBC about her new documentary The Aryans in which she peacefully confronts racists about what makes them tick.

There are some real zingers in this short piece, especially when she confronts a Ku Klux Klan member about his garb.

Filmmaker Mo Asumang embarks on a journey into the abyss of political evil and finds out that the Aryans originally come from an area which now belongs to Iran. ‘The Aryans’ is a personal journey into the madness of racism: Mo Asumang meets German neo-Nazis, America’s most notorious racist Tom Metzger and members of the Ku Klux Klan in the Midwest. When she encounters the true Aryans in Iran, she realizes that they are friendly and cosmopolitan people who lay no claims to being members of a superior race.

What I like about Mo’s interview style is her gentle approach. She’s not confrontational. It’s almost like the KKK members are ashamed or feel shameful of what they’re doing when they speak to her.  That’s a unique talent!

Via reddit

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The RAPID deterioration of Detroit according to Google Street View is both shocking and sad
11:50 am

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The Tumblr GooBing Detroit shows the utterly jaw-dropping deterioration of neighborhoods in Detroit using Google Street View and Bing Street View. What’s shocking is how rapidly the decline happened! A lot of these examples only span five years!

Eastside Detroit: Arndt between Elmwood and Ellery: 2009, 2011, 2013

Northeast Detroit: Boulder between Liberal and Novara: 2009, 2011, 2013

Northeast Detroit: Hoyt between Liberal and Pinewood: 2008, 2011, 2013

Northeast Detroit: Hazelridge between Celestine and Macray: 2009, 2011, 2013
Below, Google Street View video of apartments on Houston Whittier in northeast Detroit:

More images after the jump…

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Brain-frying Idaho Republican debate shitshow: The Supercut

So this guy is running…

“I did kill a wolf, while it was still on the endangered species.”

These are the words of Walt Bayes, who is running for Governor of Idaho on the Republican ticket. His primary political goal is “to stop abortion.” The other crazy onstage is biker Harley Brown, whose charming website contains carefully curated list of “Harleyisms.” A sampling:

I was preparing my income tax and thought “thank God we don’t get all the government we pay for!”

Burn up all of the gas - That’s the American way - God Bless America

Register Communists, not firearms. That means domestic enemies of the United States Constitution such as Bloomberg, Schumer and Pelosi

A while back I visited Israel and discovered the REAL reason Jewish men get circumcised - Because Jewish women won’t touch anything that is not at least 20% off

Loud pipes save lives

Gun control means hitting your target. (Editor’s note: I recommend “Gun control is accomplished by a firm grip with both hands”)

Democrats piss me off

The difference between the IRS and a whore is that a whore will quit screwing you after your dead

Why wasn’t Jesus born in Poland? They couldn’t find three wise men or a virgin.

And my personal favorite:

Riding a Jap bike is like f_cking a faggot I guess it feels OK until somebody sees you doing it & you sure as hell don’t tell your buddies about it the next day.

In the words of Harley Brown, “you have your choice folks—a cowboy, a curmudgeon, a biker, or a normal guy.” Choose wisely, Idaho. Choose wisely.

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The Jesus & Mary Chain plan ‘Psychocandy’ anniversary dates

Music impresario Alan McGee has relaunched his Creation Management company with the signing of his first clients The Jesus & Mary Chain. McGee previously managed The Jesus & Mary Chain 30 years ago, and their signing coincides with the band’s plans to celebrate the impending 30th anniversary of their debut album, 1985’s Psychocandy, with three gigs in the UK in November of this year and further shows in 2015.

The Jesus & Mary Chain first formed in East Kilbride, Scotland in 1983. The band centers around the writing and performing partnership of brothers Jim and William Reid. Over three decades the band released a series of highly influential albums and singles. The band split-up in 1999, and reformed in 2007.

In an interview with Music Week Alan McGee said:

“The Mary Chain were the first band I ever managed when I was 23,” McGee told Music Week today. “That was 30 years ago and they exploded really fast. By the time I was 24, they were No.1 in Germany and other places. Jim [Reid] was 22, I was 24 and Douglas [Hart] was 17. It was fucking nuts, if you think about it. We were kids! Now, I’m 53 - I suppose that’s kind of the normal age of a manager in a lot of ways.”

The gigs in November will be the first time The Jesus & Mary Chain have played live in the UK since 2008 (or 2012 in the US). Discussing the forthcoming anniversary in NME, lead singer Jim Reid said:

Psychocandy was meant to be a kick in the teeth to all of those who stood in our way at the time, which was practically the whole music industry. In 1985 there were a great many people who predicted no more than a six-month life span for The Mary Chain. To celebrate the approaching 30th anniversary of the album, we would like to perform it in its entirety. We will also perform key songs from that period that did not feature on the album.”

Tickets for the trio of UK gigs go on sale 9am Friday 16th May.

McGee will continue to oversee his other record label 359 Music, which is run in conjunction with Cherry Red, while revitalizing Creation Management.

“Creation Management are going to sign a couple of baby bands, but the main thing for us is to do the Mary Chain right. We’re going to South America on Monday, then we’ll do some more American stuff, then there’s three British dates. Then really we’re [planning events for] the whole of next year - the festivals [in 2015] are going to be all about Psychocandy. And at the end of that, everyone will probably look at each other and go: ‘I want a year off!’”

Though Sony Music own Creation Records, McGee has full rights to Creation Management and publishing company Creation Songs. For the new Creation Management, McGee has teamed-up with businessman Simon Fletcher, dubbed “The King of Timber” having made millions in the wood trade.

Since leaving the music business in 2008, McGee has kept a low profile in Wales making money out of property. But there was only so long the talented maverick could spend “navigating his navel and watching everything weird and wonderful on the internet.” Over the past two years McGee has produced the movie Kubricks, appeared in the film Svengali, launched the new talent label 359 Music, and wrritten his bestselling autobiography Creation Stories.

“I’m only 53, I’m not that boring. Let’s go have some fucking fun. And who better to have fun with than Jim and William [Reid] - because they’re both fucking nuts, and I love it. William’s a genius, Jim’s a rock’n’roll star and I’m a fucking headcase. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?”

What indeed?

Here’s The Jesus & Mary Chain’s debut on UK television way back when.

Via Music Week
Bonus Mary Chain tracks, after the jump…

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The Pissing Tanker fights against public urination in India one spray at a time!

An anonymous activist group activist group have taken it upon themselves to try to quash public urination in India. From the evidence presented in this video, I guess it’s a big stinky problem there. The activist group built what’s called The Pissing Tanker which “patrols” Mumbai and when someone is caught in the act of public urination—which is against the law there—the offender gets hosed-down by a strong stream of water. What you might call poetic justice…

The group which also has a twitter account, without a display picture of course, asks others to be aware of them as they will strike when least expected. Their motto is ‘You Stop. We Stop’ and fight public urination ‘one spray at a time’.

Seems like a mild form of vigilante justice. Frequent public pissers in Mumbai would be advised to immediately purchase waterproof iPhone cases…

Via Arbroath

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Holy hell! Watch an entire street in Baltimore sink right into the earth!
02:37 pm

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When I initially hit play for this video I wasn’t expecting much. It kinda starts out slow and you think you’ve seen something similar like this before and then… bam!

YouTuber Nicholas Nick Nico Reyes caught this incredible footage of a landslide caused by a sinkhole on April 30th. Cars parked along N. 26th St. in Baltimore’s Charles Village were literally swallowed-up by Mother Nature’s maws. Not sure I’ve seen an entire street sink into oblivion before. This is a first.

Via Daily Dot

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Convicted cannibals re-arrested for… er… cannibalism
07:50 am

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A man has been arrested in Pakistan’s Punjab province on suspicion of cannibalising a young girl. Mohammad Arif Ali was arrested after neighbors complained about the smell of rotting flesh coming from his house.

Arif Ali and his brother, Mohammad Farman Ali, were jailed two years ago after they were found to have disinterred and devoured up to 150 corpses over ten years from a local graveyard. It is said the brothers used body parts to make curry. As there are no laws against cannibalism in Pakistan, the pair were sent to jail for desecration of graves, and fined Rs50,000.

The brothers spent most of their time in prison at the King Edward Medical University in Lahore, where they were examined by doctors at the neurophysiology department.

After their release from jail, the siblings maintained a very low profile. However, after complaints about an overpowering stench coming from the brothers’ house, local police raided the premises where the discovered the skull of a child. The police then arrested one of the brothers, Arif Ali, and are now searching for the other brother, Farman Ali.

Proof that short prison sentences don’t work…?

Cannibalism can be dated as far back as the Lower and Middle Paleolithic, where it is believed to have taken place during times of famine or for possible rituals. More recently, cannibalism has been documented during the Russian famine of the 1920s, and during the Second World War at the siege of Stalingrad. It has also been reported in the 1960s and 1970s in Cambodia, and famously after the 1972, Andes flight disaster, when survivors cannibalised other dead passengers to stay alive. There have also been several notorious serial killers who cannibalised their victms including Jeffrey Dahmer and Andrei Chikatilo (who killed and ate a minimum of 52 women and children between 1976 and 1990) being perhaps the best known.

Below the original news report on the arrest of the two brothers form 2011:

Via The Independent

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‘He promises to just smoke pot as mayor. Not crack’: Hilarious anti-Rob Ford campaign posters
10:47 am

Current Events

Rob Ford

^^^^^ I’d vote for him!

Apparently parody election signs are popping up all over Toronto by No Ford Nation. The tagline on all signs are, “Anyone’s better than Rob Ford.”

The reaction by Torontonians have been a mixed bag so far. Some people are finding the signs absolutely hilarious, while others are pissed-off and claim the signs are damaging the city’s reputation.


Via reddit

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Chaos theory: What it might look like if 1500 people walked and texted at the same time

This Japanese ad, by mobile phone carrier NTT Docomo, purports that one in every five people who walk while using their Smartphone will experience some type of accident or injury. I believe it. They’ll probably also inflict many an injury on innocent people, too. (I witnessed a mother crossing a busy downtown Los Angeles street with her toddler yesterday smiling at something and texting and I wondered WHAT could be so important that she had to reply to it right then and there?)

Attention to the surroundings is neglected while walking around staring at your cellphone.

We decided to study the danger of texting while walking using a computer simulation.

We used a computer simulation to have 1,500 people text while walking at Shibuya Crossing, the busiest crossing where people can cross in every direction.

What actually happened? Chaos? Fear? Comedy?

See the numerous unusual movements resulting from texting while walking.

*Some of the numbers used in the simulation were based on the research results of Professor Kazuhiro Kozuka, Department of Media Informatics, Aichi University of Technology.

Okay, so it’s not exactly the infamous 1979 Who concert in Cincinnati, but it does show you how disoriented people get from walking and texting. And from what I can tell, a few animated people do get trampled.

Via Daily Dot

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